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Have you ever looked for the Energy Star rating on your electric tankless water heater? 
You won't find one!

It is hard to believe but the EPA, in its infinite wisdom, has no Energy Star category for electric tankless water heaters. There are categories for both gas and electric tank heaters and gas tankless heaters, but not electric tankless water heaters. The following is a recent discussion explaining their reasoning.

EPA Energy Star Discussion


One of the most common recommendations from the EPA has been to install Energy Star-approved appliances. While in many cases this is certainly a smart choice, when it comes to water heaters, sticking with this approval system would lead to you ignoring one of the best options on the market – electric tankless water heaters.


Despite the fact that electric tankless water heaters are so efficient and can reduce both utility bills and carbon footprints, the EPA has yet to give them an Energy Star-approval. There are two reasons why this is the case.

  1. Since they can be installed at the point of use, they are unlike the rest of the hot water heating solutions on the market in that they are not limited to being housed in the utility closet or basement. While this offers significant benefits, electric tankless water heaters are unlike many of their other Energy Star-approved counterparts.

  2. Manufacturers within the industry teamed up to create a coalition to earn Energy Star certification. Unfortunately, while the EPA acknowledged the efficiency benefits of the electric tankless water heater solution, it did not grant approval, because it could not measure the efficiency benefits from the tank.


While Energy Star has yet to approve this water heating solution, other groups have recognized the value of electric tankless water heaters. The U.S. Green Building Council's LEED certification program awards certification's to buildings that have various efficiency upgrades installed throughout. An electric tankless water heating system is approved under the LEED certification program.