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Long Term Cost Savings with SioGreen

While the initial cost of the SioGreen Quartz Infrared Electric Tankless Water Heater is comparable to the competition both on unit cost and installation, the long term operating costs of the SioGreen unit is substantially lower. The major cost saving factor is the MAINTENANCE FREE feature, even in the hardest water.

24,000 Hours of Maintenance Free Operation

This heating element was removed for inspection. This array ran 9 hours/day, 365 days/year for over 7 ½ years in a nail salon with no scale, no maintenance and no loss of efficiency.

That is 24,638 hours!

Equivalent to over 22 years of use in a typical household.

No corrosion...No maintenance...No failures

SioGreen units are maintenance free due to the absence of electrical resistance metal heating elements. The SioGreen Quartz Infrared heat exchanger does not attract mineral deposits or support scale. Mineral scaling is the chief cause of eventual failure, but it also reduces the ongoing efficiency of the typical electric water heater and increases the operating costs.

This is the Hidden Cost of Mineral Scale


Over time, scale deposits act as an insulator, causing the water heater to work harder and harder to heat the water. A scale buildup of 1/16” can reduce the energy efficiency of the water heater by up to 50%. The water heater will eventually fail due to excessive heat caused by the insulative properties of scale and can cut the useful life of the heater in half.

The Hidden Cost of Corrosion

Metal electrical heating elements are also susceptible to “dry fire” where the unit is powered up without water. The elements immediately overheat since they are designed for complete immersion and burn out.

We are so confident in our Heat Exchangers and No Maintenance feature…

We Guarantee it!


No other Company can make this claim!

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