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SioGreen Quartz Infrared
Electric Tankless Water Heaters

Zoom Meeting Training Sessions Are Now Available*

Open to Rep Agencies - Wholesalers - Contractors - Architects

SioGreen is now offering Individual or Group Training Sessions for professionals in the plumbing Industry. These sessions deal with the innovative SioGreen Technology and how it works. 





















This training series is designed for both new and seasoned sales reps and techs. We present the history of electric water heaters and why the old, outdated technology is the number 1 cause of electric water heater failure. 


Just some of the key topics we cover are:

SioGreen Live Training Sessions
  • The history of electric water heaters

  • Inside your electric water heaters

  • Old technology and common problems

  • The new generation of electric tankless water heaters

  • Patented Heat Exchanger - 3 Major Innovations

  • Green Building Friendly

  • Flow Rate Facts and Fictions

  • Testing - Certifications - Energy Star - Energy Guides

  • Product Specs

  • Under the Hood - How it Works

The format for these training sessions will be an initial 30 minute presentation following the outline above and then an open Q&A session. The total scheduled time required is under an hour, but can go longer driven by your questions and conversation.


Please register to schedule Individual and Group Sessions. Dates and Times are flexible and can be requested to accommodate your schedule.   

* Local Florida sessions can be done in person at your location.

Please register soon as space is limited!

Register Here

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