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High Volume Hot Water Uses

High volume hot water applications can be accommodated with the SIO 18 Pro or Pro Flex by installing the units in a parallel configuration. The units operate independently from each other and are connected to the cold water feed lines individually with the hot water drop lines feeding a common hot water supply line or resupplying hot water to a large storage tank. 


These installations can supply hot water to large residential structures with 4+ bathrooms with multiple shower heads or whirlpool tubs as well as commercial applications such as restaurants, hotels and other large volume hot water applications. 


The following images show each type of installation. 

Mesa Retirement Community in a Parallel Installation
(3) SIO 18 Pros installed in parallel at a retirement community with a common line supplying hot water to 17 showers and 5 bathrooms. 
Residential Parallel Installation
(2) early 2010 versions of the SIO 14 Pro in parallel feeding a 120 gallon storage tank. This array supplies hot water to over 10 bathrooms in a large residential application.  
Hotel Installation Image
5 Star Hotel in Vietnam application to provide hot water for 110 hotel rooms, full laundry, commercial kitchen and 2 full bars. The installation consisted of (6) previous model SIO 18 Pros tied into (2) 5,000 liter storage tanks. This system produces enough hot water to supply all the rooms, laundry and restaurant even during the high demand hours.  
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