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The SIO 18 Pro Flex Switching Guide

The following guide will show you how to “Flex” the SIO 18 Pro Flex unit from the factory set 18 kW to 14 kW.


NOTE: You must wire the SIO 18 Pro Flex to the 18 kW specs: (2) 40 AMP Double Pole Breakers and 8 Gauge wire. 

SioGreen Pro Flex Switching Guide




Turn the breakers on to the unit and press the On/Off button on the display to turn the unit on. Make sure there are no open faucets, and the unit is in standby.







Press and hold the up and down buttons simultaneously. Hold both buttons down for approximately 10 seconds or until the display shows the 18 or 14 kW setting.

Once you see either number on the display use the up or down button to switch the kW setting to the desired setting (14 or 18) When you switch to the desired setting, press the On/Off button to keep the setting. This will be the setting until you manually change it again.

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