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SioGreen Quartz Infrared
Electric Tankless Water Heaters

What are the Professionals saying about SioGreen?


...we decided to try the SioGreen SIO 18 Pro on a "prove it" trial basis. The results have been outstanding. The unit is priced right and the installation is very straightforward. No call backs and no issues. SioGreen is now our go-to electric tankless water heater!

...we started using the SIO 18 Pro as a replacement for old tank storage units. Our customers are amazed that this small space saving water heater can produce unlimited hot water and are very pleased. We have had no call backs which is a welcome change from our experience with other electric tankless water heaters. These are truly the electric tankless water heaters of the future.

...the SIO 18 Pro claims are actually understated. These units outperform existing tankless heaters that are rated much higher in power requirements. It was hard to buy into this new technology, but seeing is believing.

...we have been looking for an alternative to small, point-of-use handwash tankless water heaters we have sold in the past. We actually call them "throw aways" since they seldom last more than a year. Then we found the SioGreen IR-30 POU Pro. We now have units in service for over 3 years with no issues and no angry customer phone calls!

Reps a rep selling the SioGreen electric tankless water heaters, it is refreshing to walk in to my customer's office with a fresh new story to tell. They are understandably resistant to anything that claims to be "new and improved", but once they Take the Two Minute Tour, they get very interested and the questions flow. It is a rep's dream to be able to talk about a product that will revolutionize their industry. SioGreen is that product.

...I walked into a plumber's office and asked if they sold electric tankless water heaters. I got the typical heavy sigh and he said they are actually replacing them because of all the problems. Long story short, he gave me 5 minutes and I showed him the Quartz Heat Exchanger and explained the technology. His parting words to me was "I had no idea this even existed! This is fantastic!" He in now a customer.

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