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SioGreen Pro Series Products and Specs 

The SioGreen Pro Series product line is available exclusively through the professional plumbers and contractors. We offer several models and sizes designed for specific applications, from Point-of-Use smaller units to Whole House/Commercial. Please go to the Overview Link below to view the Full Specs and suggested applications. 


The SioGreen Pro Series Whole House units perform more efficiently than the competition. The following chart compares our SIO 18 Pro (18 kW) with the competitors 20 kW and 24 kW units. SioGreen outperforms the competition until you get to a 35 degree temperature rise on the competitor's higher rated 24 kW model. The Full Modulation feature of the SioGreen units can deliver these results while only drawing 50% of the unit's power rating. 


Point-of-Use units are ideally suited for single sink applications with immediate on-demand hot water at the point of use. These units are designed for medical, dental and veterinary exam rooms, bar/restaurant single sinks, wash stations and restrooms. The larger IR-288POU Pro unit is suitable for single bath Apartments, Mobile Homes, Condos and residential outdoor kitchens and pool showers.

Whole House/Multi Bath/Commercial units replace typical storage tank heater applications for residential and commercial use. The SIO 18 Pro/18 Pro Flex will supply unlimited hot water to large multi-bath residential and multi-suite office complexes. Other applications include commercial buildings, production facilities and hospitality businesses. While a 200 AMP service is recommended for the SIO 18 Pro, the unit will perform on a 150 AMP service depending on other loads on the service. In addition, the SIO 18 Pro Flex can be switched to 14 kW where power supplies are limited or to just save energy. (See note below)

Special Notes to Power Requirements -  The Full Modulation Feature of the SioGreen Pro Series units reduce the actual energy draw on both units. As an example, the SIO 18 Pro will only draw 50-55 AMPS. Depending on the additional load from other appliances, the SIO 18 Pro will operate at full capacity with a 150 AMP service.

All 240 volt units automatically adjust to 208, 220 and 240 volt power supplies.
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