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Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)

There are two typical issues that cause the SioGreen units to malfunction...wiring issues or flow sensor issues. Most of these issues can be resolved through a troubleshooting phone call. In some cases, the problem may be a product defect that requires the replacement of the unit. 

In those cases, we require certain procedures to be followed:


Requesting an RMA Number

  1. Prior to returning any product to SioGreen, the Customer and/or Seller must first obtain an RMA number from SioGreen.

  2. In the event of technical problems or malfunction, the Customer or Seller must first contact the Technical Support Area to troubleshoot the problem. If no solution can be found, the Customer is entitled to request an RMA number from SioGreen.

  3. To obtain an RMA number from SioGreen, the Customer or Seller must submit the request in writing on the form provided by SioGreen. This form must be submitted to SioGreen at

  4. After receipt of the RMA number request, SioGreen may contact the Customer/Seller to discuss the request and/or to obtain more information. Subsequently, SioGreen will check whether the product is within the warranty term and issue an RMA number if qualified.

See complete Procedures and Registration below.

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