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SioGreen Innovations...
The 3 Major Innovations that sets us apart...

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SioGreen is the only company in the world that uses a Patented Nanotech Carbon Coated Quartz Tube Heat Exchanger. Water flows through the Quartz Tubes while being progressively heated with amplified Infrared Energy controlled by Computerized True Modulation

Innovation 1 - Patented Quartz Tube Heat Exchanger

  • It is not glass or plastic…it is Patented Nanotech Carbon Coated Quartz.

  • Unlike glass, which is a good electricity insulator, quartz is a great electricity conductor.  

  • Quartz is much more durable than glass and can withstand temperatures of up to 1100 degrees F with little thermal expansion.

  • The nanotech carbon coating applied to the outside of the tubes amplifies and accelerates the infrared energy that generates the heat inside the tube to heat the water.

  • The clean quartz tube will not attract or accumulate any scale or corrosion from even the hardest well water…this makes the unit MAINTENANCE FREE!

Innovation 2 - Far Infrared Heat Energy

  • Every other electric tank or tankless water heater uses some form of electrical resistance heating element. Electricity is applied to the metal element that resists the electrical flow and generates heat. Water comes in contact with the heated element (conductive heat) and is heated. In a tank heater, the surrounding heated water rises in the tank (convection) and heats the remainder of the water. Because the water comes in contact with the heated element, the mineral content of the water accumulates and creates scale and corrosion on the heating element leading to failure.

  • Infrared energy only heats solid objects. The Sun heats the Earth with infrared energy and the heated Earth radiates the energy to heat the atmosphere (radiant).

  • Infrared Energy is applied to the carbon coated quartz tubes that radiates the accelerated energy to heat the water inside the tube.

  • No metal heating elements or components ever come in contact with the water…no scaling...MAINTENANCE FREE!

Innovation 3 – Computerized True Modulation

  • Modulation is an industry buzzword. SioGreen is the only True Modulation in the industry.

  • Typical modulation consists of a series of on-off switching. In units with 3-4 heating elements, the controller actually shuts off one or two elements to modulate the overall energy applied. In some cases, the controller may only reduce the energy going to the element.

  • Regardless, electric elements do not react instantaneously. They heat up gradually and cool down gradually. The response and results are marginal at best.

  • The SioGreen SIO Pro Series heaters have 2 banks of 4 quartz tubes in the heat exchanger. Each tube has 2 sections. The computerized modulator monitors all 16 sections of the quartz tubes and adjusts the amount of electric energy applied to each section instantaneously.

  • This process works with the preset exit water temperature setting to maintain the flow and temperature to within 1 degree.

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