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 Energy Saving True Modulation

Modulation is an industry buzzword…but not all Modulation is the same.

Modulation means different things to different manufacturers; however, the basic issues of controlling an electric resistance metal element remain the same. Metal heating elements do not respond instantaneously to changes in the power applied or temperature demands. If the actual power to the element is increased or decreased, the heat adjustments happen gradually.


Most metal heating elements are either on or off, so turning the elements completely off is often their inefficient solution. 

SioGreen uses an Intelligent Computerized Internal Controller. Each Quartz Tube has two sections. We monitor each section of each tube and adjust the amount of power required to reach and maintain the exit temperature setting.

Modulation in Action - Notice the heat meter as it reads the cold water tube at 260 degrees with the constant exit temperature of 130 degrees. The meter reads as low as 179 degrees on the exit tube. Tube temperatures are modulated instantaneously with the minimum energy applied to maintain exit temperature!

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