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Patented Quartz and Energy Saving Modulation

Patented Quartz - This is the magic of Space Age Quartz. We heated the tube to cherry red and poured cold water on it. Glass would shatter and plastic would melt...not SioGreen Quartz!

Modulation - Notice the heat meter as it reads the cold water tube at 260 degrees with the exit temperature of 130 degrees. The meter reads as low as 179 degrees on the exit tube. Lower temp - less energy applied!

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Metered Power Usage Test - In an actual metered power usage test on our 14 kW  SIO 14 Pro Whole House heater, the unit used an average of 6.5 kW (46%) with no spikes at start-up. The SIO 18 Pro produced similar results. 

Metered Power Usage.jpg
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